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About The Moore Co., Inc.

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About Moore Company
About Moore Company

For over seventy five years, The Moore Co., Inc. has offered design solutions to the problem of hygienic clothes storage to industries around the world. For decades, our system has been used by thousands of customers in a variety of plants, foundries, mills and mines. While overhead clothes storage has established its superiority over alternative methods of sanitary industrial clothes storage, it also provides cost benefits to the company by reducing floor area requirements up to 40%, and through continued economies over the life of the facility in heating, lighting and clean-up expenses.

The Moore Company is dedicated to serving our customers by providing them with the most modern industrial changeroom available today. Whether it is in assisting your Project Manager in designing your changeroom facility, reviewing your existing architectural drawings or by preparing a complete changeroom layout for your review, our services are without obligation. Simply provide our design department with your changeroom employee requirements and a sketch (Plan and Elevation) of the area where you would like to install the equipment.

Stocked warehouses are located in the United States, Australia and Canada to ensure prompt availability of replacement parts for existing systems or new installations.

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